Angels and Nudity…

I can’t find my first email from Korea, but this one is pretty close.
For those of you who want the background, I had just graduated from Uni and moved out to Suwon, just south of Seoul. South Korea, to work as an English teacher.
Mon 25th October 2004
Well guys, I’ve had an awesome weekend so get ready for a long one!!
On Friday I met up with a girl called Sarah, who’s lovely, and she took me out to dinner with all her friends so I could get to know everybody. We had Sam Gyap Sal, which is basically BBQ pork and its delicious. Her friends are all lovely (loads of kiwis and canadians).

Sam Gyap Sal (BBQ pork and side dishes)

We went to a bar afterwards called Snowboard, which is apparently their local boozer, and the bar staff all know them really well, and speak English, so thats great. And then I saw him…… he’s drop dead gorgeous, he’s serving drinks behind the bar……. and as I flash him a dazzling smile, I glance down at his nametag…….. and it just reads “Angel”.
Dead serious.
It really does.
It’s the only time in my life I can actually use the line “Did it hurt?? When you fell from heaven…..” but of course I merely wimper “heehee” and return to my seat!!!
Anyway, moving on (he is just so hot!) we had a great night, and then at 1am they put on a bottle show, because it was one of the girls’ birthday. It was incredible – like Cocktail, but way better than Tom Cruise. Fancy bottle spinning, disco dancing, strobe lights – they even lit sparklers, stuck them in bottles and started juggling!! This led on to the flame-throwing, and apart from one dropped bottle, it was just awesome (I even managed to get some of it on video thanks to my swanky posh digital camera thingy).
So, I will of course now have to drink there every night until I discover whether or not Angel lives up to his name!
Saturday was just as good – I lazed around doing laundry and recovering, then the girls called and invited me to go to the sauna with them. It was amazing – like a roman bath house. All communal jacuzzis, with different tea infusions in them, steam rooms, saunas, cold pool, and most interesting of all – completely nude. It’s all naked, women only, showers and everything! Very disconcerting, as you get stared at enough for being white, but a lot more so when you’re butt-naked!
However I survived and came out feeling surprisingly relaxed.
Then we moved on to the DVD room downtown – another brilliant invention! It’s like a video rental shop, but when you’ve picked your movie they show you into your private room, with a couple of sofa-type beds, and put the film onto a screen that fills the whole wall. It’s like being at the cinema, but way more comfortable, plus there’s a phone so you can call the front desk and ask them to pause it if you have to pee, or ask for an extra ashtray, or pop out to the shop for more beer etc. Felt very glam and multi-millionaire-esque at private viewing!!
I know most of you probably can’t take any more, but Sunday was great too – Jenny, a girl from work took me swimming (she is literally the nicest girl in the world – she so sweet she must be made out of sugar!). It was a pretty average pool, except for the fact that it was on the 7th floor! That kind of weirded me out at first, but the view was amazing!
Then we had lunch and watched a movie, and she showed which buses to take to get around (to the pool and cinema etc) so now I feel like I can get about by myself a bit without getting too lost!
I should probably go now, if any of you are still reading this at all, but hope you all had good weekends too!
tons of love and happy thoughts
Naked Sauna Maya

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