2018 Book Challenge

I enjoyed last year’s book challenge so much, and it really re-invigorated my love of reading, so I have decided to do it all again this year!

Last year I managed a total of 45 books (including some non-challenge entries) and I’m not sure whether or not I’ll achieve the same this year, but who knows?

The official list my dad and I are using is here, and I’ll be adding to this list as I go along. Continue reading

Holiday of a lifetime


Well I’ve just gotten back from an incredible holiday of a lifetime in Cuba, which was totally amazing.

Cuba has been in my top ten places I’ve always wanted to go for years, and I’ve been planning to go ever since Obama lifted the embargo, in case it all changes. I almost went in 2016, but left it too late to plan and organise, and then in 2017 my boiler broke down and all of my spare money went into a new boiler instead, so this was the year I finally went!

It was also my last big mega holiday before I have kids, as I suspect I will be restricted to camping and cheaper holidays for quite some time to come!

It was amazing, and I’ve had to divide all the photos into several posts so get ready for the onslaught of pictures that will make you extremely jealous.

Oh, and for future reference, here is my current list of top ten bucket list holiday locations (ok, fine, top 11!)

Polly the Polo

As part of my preparation for a family, I decided it was time to get rid of Tina the tiny clown car, which I inherited from my mum, and upgrade to something slightly bigger, with you know, back doors and such, in case I need to grapple with child seats and things.

Here’s Tina, being all tiny like the hilarious clown car that she is….

And here’s Polly, my shiny new VW Polo (not so new, she’s about 13 years old, but she’s lovely and very pretty!)

I picked up Polly a couple of weeks ago, and on our maiden voyage home around the M25 I was amazed at how lovely and roomy she is! My head didn’t even touch the ceiling or ANYTHING!

Basically she’s fab and I love her. Looking forward to all the adventures we’ll have together!