Early Warning Signs…

Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Looks like it’s time for another chatty newsletter from me! You lucky lucky people!

London 2012

I have to admit, I honestly wasn’t all that bothered about the Olympics at first. With the exception of Wimbledon, I don’t generally get excited about any form of organised sport, and I don’t have a whole lot of national pride to bandy about. I am for the most part wholly unpatriotic, and couldn’t give a monkey’s whether or not we, as an island, are better than other geographical locations at Football or Rugby or Cricket etc.

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S.A.D. and the incredible adventures of Spidercat

Saturday 11th August 2013

Hello again my lovelies!
It has been AGES since my last chatty update, so it MUST be time for another one!
This one has become quite epic (quel surprise!) as there’s almost 3 month’s worth of news to cram in, so I am going to divvy it up into some little subsections like a proper newsletter!

Saving the world…
Let’s see, work has been busy busy busy, so not much to report there, except that since finally launching our first e-learning course, I am now officially tech support for an awful lot of complete morons out there in the ether…
The most typical problems are “can’t log in” – mostly solved by checking that their caps lock isn’t on when typing in their password etc. I have also had two people email me to tell me that they don’t have internet access. Hard to know how to respond to that via email without insinuating that they must be at least slightly retarded, but nevertheless we were able to establish that by emailing me their problem, they have in fact actually accessed the internet…..
And so on.

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Jumping out of cakes and so on…

Thursday 10th May 2012

Hello again!

Must be time for another scintillating update from Maya!

Let me see, since I last wrote, I have been on a wee holiday to the US to surprise my friend E and attend another friend (Suzie’s) wedding, which was lovely! Saw some very beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and discovered that lasagna takes twice as long to cook at higher altitude! Then I drove a big truck on the wrong side of the road in Dallas, got a pedicure and attended a wonderful and unique wedding! I also briefly became the Bride-Whisperer and my main duties included keeping the bride sane (which mostly involved topping up her rum and coke) while distracting her tee-total mother with questions about punch, chicken salad and the correct way to drape organza!…

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