Time for another recipe, and this time it’s a craving for one of my favourite Korean dishes, Bibimbap that had me reminiscing about my time in South Korea. Even though I left South Korea over 10 years ago, I still get cravings for some of my favourite dishes! I can’t make Sam-gyap-Sal (BBQ pork belly) very easily at home, but I frequently make both Bibimbap and Dok-boggi (another comfort food favourite of mine!) at home. A trip to your local Chinese supermarket will help you to find the hot pepper paste required, and many other delicious things as well no doubt!

Bibimbap literally means “mixed-up rice” and is very easy to make, very delicious and super filling. One of my favourite things about Bibimbap is that it is always presented looking beautifully arranged, but in order to eat it, you have to immediately mix it all up into a tasty and delicious mess!

There’s a good recipe here on the Guardian website, and it’s a great way to use up leftovers. I tend to make mine with hot rice and a hot cooked egg, but cold/raw vegetables, almost like a salad with hot rice, however you can mix it up any way you like, and can make the whole thing hot or cold depending on your mood. I’ve listed my standard version that I tend to make at home below, but I do encourage you to try it lots of different ways, with different veg, hot and cold, and play around with it until you find something you love! Continue reading

An homage to Tiggy

One of the things I’ve spent the last 9 months at home doing is re-connecting with my cats, and all of their crazy ways. So for all your cat-lovers out there, here are some more pics of my crazy cats to keep you amused. I should point out that almost all of these pics are of Tiggy, who is by far the more hilarious cat and has a tendency to be ridiculous almost all of the time when she’s not sleeping. I obviously love Cleo just as much, as she’s a gorgeous soppy, loving, needy, sweetheart of a cat, but Tiggy definitely provides the comic relief of the two of them, so therefore this one is really more of an homage to my favourite comedy cat. Continue reading

Old year, New year

Okay, okay, I know it’s a bit late for this post, but who cares? I was busy doing stuff…

I’m not a massive fan of new year as a rule – it’s almost always a huge letdown as a night out, and unless I’m at a houseparty with some good friends I’d frankly rather be at home watching TV like any other night of the year. However I do occasionally like to stop and take the opportunity to reflect on the year that has gone by, and the new one that is coming, and think about all of the good and bad things that have come along, or that might be waiting right around the corner. Continue reading