Waiting for Spring to Sproing…

I’ve spent the last couple of weekends getting my garden back into shape, after a 2-year hiatus in which my garden got quite overgrown!

Here it is looking a bit overgrown and in need of a major tidy-up


Poor Spike, my lovely Cordyline got a bit too big and had to be removed!


After hacking out and cutting back all the nasty weeds etc, I bought a plethora of new bulbs and lovely plants to plant back in. Here’s all my gorgeous new bulbs and seeds – just waiting to bloom and flower! Could you bear to wait for all these lovely things to pop up??


Here it is looking much tidier, cleared out and all the new things are planted in.


There’s Spike all dug up and ready to go to his new home in my friend’s garden.

IMG_7983 IMG_7987

I’ve also replaced all my lovely indoor plants – as I used to have some really nice orchids and a bonsai tree which seem to have disappeared  and/or died while I was away!

Here’s my first basil seedling poking through the surface!

IMG_8010 IMG_8011

And my gorgeous indoor jasmine which is literally BURSTING with flowers!

IMG_8014 IMG_8015


Not sure what this one is called, but he’s lovely!


And here come my corriander seedlings – although I can’t seem to ever keep corriander alive!

IMG_8029 IMG_8028

My new bonsai tree to replace my old one – this one is already 6 years old, and he’s rather beautiful. He doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m leaning towards Colin…


And a new stunning orchid to replace my old one – I do love orchids, so may get a few more though!


My kitchen window looking much greener once again!


New living room foliage – very lush and green and jungly.


My new Dracaena plant – I used to have one but it seems to have disappered while I was away…


Rearranged my new plants and my freshly re-wired Korean lamp – I think they all look rather fetching!


So my house is now looking far more green and lush and i’m impatiently waiting for all of my fabulous flowers and plants outside to grow! I know I only planted them in a week ago, but I want them to come up NOW!!!

Here’s my little cherry tree about to burst into leaf and blossom ANY MINUTE NOW!!!!

IMG_8016 IMG_8017

While impatiently waiting for my own garden to spring up, I’ve also been out and about spring-spotting around my neighbourhood in Cowley.

Here’s some leaves popping up along a hedge near my house.


And a gorgeous tree on a neighbouring street already in full, glorious bloom

IMG_8022 IMG_8023

And this morning was the first sunny, warm, spring-like day we’ve had all year, and for me it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been able to sit outside and enjoy my garden, so that’s exactly what I did! I put on some tunes and sat in my tiki hut in the sunshine with a good book.

It was divine. Sometimes life is good.


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