An homage to Tiggy

One of the things I’ve spent the last 9 months at home doing is re-connecting with my cats, and all of their crazy ways. So for all your cat-lovers out there, here are some more pics of my crazy cats to keep you amused. I should point out that almost all of these pics are of Tiggy, who is by far the more hilarious cat and has a tendency to be ridiculous almost all of the time when she’s not sleeping. I obviously love Cleo just as much, as she’s a gorgeous soppy, loving, needy, sweetheart of a cat, but Tiggy definitely provides the comic relief of the two of them, so therefore this one is really more of an homage to my favourite comedy cat.

Here’s Tiggy sulking because I went away for so long on holiday. This is her “Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. Please love me.” face.


Just chillin’ on the couch.


Tiggy has recently taken to rolling around on the floor showing off her rather significant belly. She’s curvy and proud of it.

IMG_7871 IMG_7879

I genuinely don’t know what happened here, but I can only assume she did something naughty and then put herself into the naughty corner. She looks so sad!

IMG_8001 IMG_8003

She also likes to sprawl along the arm of the new sofa to sleep – I am seriously thinking of re-naming her Garfield. I’ve never seen a cat behave more like Garfield!

IMG_8008 IMG_8004

I inherited a lovely new chair (which used to belong to my Grandmother). Apparently it’s now Tiggy’s chair.


IMG_7993 IMG_7995

But then Cleo sat in her chair one day, and Tiggy decided that rather than the two cat beds, or the enormous new sofa, she would have to sleep here instead…

She is genuinely the most hilarious and silly and ridiculous cat I’ve ever known, and I do love her dearly for it. This is possibly my favourite cat picture of all time. I can’t decide if it’s because she loves the chair so much, or if it’s more like the cat version of “dibs” in case Cleo gets up…


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