Another day, another comedy moment from Maya…

Sometimes I genuinely believe my life should be a sitcom. Someone should just film me at all times and capture the moments of hilarity, Jeremy Beadle-style…

Here’s how my afternoon went down:

I worked out really hard at my aerobics class after work, and then Clarissa and I cycled all the way home – and I even turned right on a mini-roundabout without having to get off and push! Road-cycling badge achieved. I am extremely proud of myself.

I came home and decided to treat my tired, sore, sweaty muscles to a bath. I love baths, but I almost never have them, because frankly if you don’t have the time for music, bubbles, wine, exfoliation, foot scrubs and a good book, then you may as well just have a shower as far as I’m concerned. Baths are both sacred and extremely ritualistic in Maya’s world.

So there I was, in my lovely, hot, relaxing bath,
Music – Jack Johnson (I decided to go old school)
Book – Ayoade on Ayoade (It’s hilariously weird, and makes perfect bath-time reading)
The best Body Scrub in the world – From an amazing care package that my dear friend sent me years ago. I think she may have made it herself and it’s AMAZING.

When I stepped out of the bath, I felt more relaxed than I have in weeks. I felt all soft and clean and relaxed and scrubbed and delicious.

I drifted downstairs humming along to Jack Johnson, went to feed the cats, and then STEPPED IN A PILE OF CAT SICK.
It was camouflaged, as apparently regurgitated cat biscuits are the exact same colour as my oak floorboards.

Nothing has ever ruined a post-bath relaxation high faster. I no longer felt all clean, and frankly, my newly-scrubbed feet felt pretty violated.

To add insult to injury, I had LITERALLY only just forgiven the cats for weeing on my new sofa (apparently they feel the need to punish me when I go away on work trips).

I’m attempting to think of a suitable punishment, and may have to resort to publicly shaming them on social media.

An homage to Tiggy

One of the things I’ve spent the last 9 months at home doing is re-connecting with my cats, and all of their crazy ways. So for all your cat-lovers out there, here are some more pics of my crazy cats to keep you amused. I should point out that almost all of these pics are of Tiggy, who is by far the more hilarious cat and has a tendency to be ridiculous almost all of the time when she’s not sleeping. I obviously love Cleo just as much, as she’s a gorgeous soppy, loving, needy, sweetheart of a cat, but Tiggy definitely provides the comic relief of the two of them, so therefore this one is really more of an homage to my favourite comedy cat. Continue reading

Home, home on the range…

Hello there my lovelies!

Sorry for the brief hiatus – I’m back home from Iraq now, and have been so busy having fun and catching up with people I haven’t had time to write any posts!

Let’s see, since getting home I’ve been to Latitude Festival with some old friends, I’ve seen the family and been to the zoo with the niblings. I’ve caught up with various friends who have recently had babies (so many! It’s a baby-fest!), and visited a lavender farm, which was lovely! Photos to follow shortly…

I’ve also been on a mini-break to France via Geneva for a friend’s wedding, which was FABULOUS and there are many pictures of all the fun that ensued…

I’ve had lots of drinks with friends, and gorged myself on wine and cheese and other goodies, and spent plenty of time lounging about resting, sleeping, swimming, internetting, snapping pictures of my cats to put on instagram, going to the cinema and making movie dates with friends in Australia (we pick a time and a movie and watch it together, despite being on separate continents – it’s fun!). Continue reading

Home, Holidays and The Next Thing…

Hello again my lovelies!

Well after all the excitement of leaving parties and lovely presents, in which I got given an amazing model fishing boat which is now my pride and joy, AND an umbrella hat which is the most awesome thing ever, I have now left the Philippines, and am at home, back in the UK.

The flight was fine, and I even had enough space to spread out and lie down across the empty seats. The excess baggage was expensive but in the end I only had 29 kilos, which frankly after being in the Philippines for 1 year, was not too shabby at all really!

Since being back home in the UK, I’ve had a lovely time hanging out with my mum, sister, and niblings, getting lots of cuddles, trips to the spa, arranging to see friends and other such lovely things. Continue reading


For various reasons I’ve been thinking about my cats a lot this week, and how excited I am to get home and see them! Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends too, but I do miss my gorgeous kitties too when I’m away.

I’m very lucky to have such great lodgers looking after them while I’ve been away, and poor Tiggy has been a bit poorly in the last few months, resulting in x-rays, MRIs, and pain medication, though thankfully not surgery. We’re still not really sure what’s wrong, but the poor thing had a lot of pain at the base of her tail. The vet initially thought someone had dislocated her tail, but after ruling it out, along with infected bites and other options, he thought it might be some sort of rare genetic disorder where the bones of the spine and tail don’t fuse together properly and trap some nerves. However the MRI ruled that out as well, so we don’t really know what’s wrong…

FYI though, thank god for pet insurance! It turns out, Cat x-rays = £600, Cat MRI = £1800, (Cat Scan = priceless)

Ho Ho Ho 🙂

Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to seeing these two adorable nutters and having some cuddles very soon….

Here’s a little trip down memory lane for those of you who’ve forgotten how cute and lovable they are…

photo 1


Winding Down…

Wow, after over 11 months here, I suddenly only have 3 weeks to go!
It seems to have snuck up on me somehow, and now that it’s looming I’ve realised how much I have to do!

In addition to all of the handover of the work here, and supporting the teams through what is turning out to be a tough transition, there are a million and one other things to do in the next three weeks…

As I don’t know how long I’ll be at home for, I need to start planning to see my family and friends, as there is never enough time to see everyone, and I won’t have time to get around the UK much. If I don’t start organising things in advance, people will be busy and before you know it I might be off somewhere else!

Then there is all the life admin that builds up and needs attending to, like Dr’s appointments, renewing prescriptions, seeing the dentist (and getting my teeth cleaned) and the optician (getting new glasses), taking the cats to the vet for their check-ups and vaccinations, and so on.

Oh, and at some point I have to find another job too!

So much to do, and so little time. Continue reading