Tiggy and Cleo hang out

I recently visited a house which was, quite literally, a cat palace. It made me feel like an inadequate cat owner, like I just don’t love my cats enough.

Here is the cat’s room (yes, this cat has it’s own room).


The conservatory…


And the kitchen….


The puzzle box the cat has to open to get treats…


And so with this in mind, I thought I would share some more pictures of my gorgeous cats and some of their new toys…

Here’s Tiggy lounging around….

IMG_5551 IMG_5897 IMG_5907 IMG_5931

Tiggy checks out the new cat bed

IMG_6059 IMG_6060 IMG_6079

Extreme close-up

IMG_6063 IMG_6075

The cats like the new couch – apparently I don’t get to stretch out on it though…

IMG_6096 IMG_6098 IMG_6101 IMG_6104 IMG_6106 IMG_6107


Cleo has literally never looked this relaxed.

IMG_6112 IMG_6114 IMG_6116 IMG_6118 IMG_6121 IMG_6123 IMG_6129

Tiggy and Cleo’s new scratching post and fun house…


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