Stuff and things that make me laugh, part 2….

Every once in a while I compile together all the things that make me laugh, and it’s been a while since my last collection of things that made me laugh, and this other post full of comedy goodness, so here are some new offerings for your amusement…

This one is a little dark, but I found it weirdly funny as an advert…


This sign in Jordan at the Dead Sea made me laugh, as it was positioned at the top of 2 flights of stairs…..


Wine-related memes…



I will forever love Professor Stephen Hawking for being able to use his immense genius for this sort of thing.


Animals that make me smile. This first one is less funny, and more “I must have it now!”




IMG_5981 IMG_5822

This quokka, because I only recently learned that they exist, and they’re amazing.


This one, cos, LOL



Love this one – Star Wars and Lego – always a winner!


Funniest political advert of the year.


After Scotland voted No to independence….


Lord of the Rings, in the context of laundry. Genius.

IMG_5653This comedy escalation of passive-aggressive post-it notes in my office….

IMG_5933 IMG_5934

This legendary 80’s band…

IMG_5633 IMG_5344

This really bad pun.IMG_5622And this incredibly inappropriate typo….
This is what happens when google asks if you would like to translate the page, and you click “yes”.


These two, cos, LOL



This bit of graffitti near my house, which led to someone sending me the next one….

IMG_4830 IMG_4831

And this one, as I have found myself in this situation many a time….

IMG_4300The funniest fashion trends so far this year… Romantic Military? Really?


Also I actually love that you can Wes Anderson your wardrobe. And I totally plan on doing that immediately.

IMG_5283These quotes from Word Porn – some funny, some just rather lovely quotes I quite like…

This one always makes me think of my brother…


I feel like this sometimes…


Also yes, this is totally me…


Ok, this one’s not funny, but I really love this quote

IMG_5815I know so many people will relate to this…


So true….


This one makes me think of my sister… Whose milkshakes always bring all the boys to the yard…

252772_10150871619761074_1146807789_n 10686813_919035228124915_775089972671189386_n


This hilarious typo in Metro….


And finally these two classics:


This literally makes me laugh over and over – try it, I dare you.


Also there are some videos and other things that amuse me here, and if that’s not enough, watch:

this dog in an Ewok costume,

these best bits of Whose Line is it Anyway?

These 6 links Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t want you to know about,

this hilarious article about Brits and their biscuits, immediately followed by this brilliantly satirical radio interview, which also heavily features biscuits…

or Joe Lycett talking about a parking fine…

Trust me, it’ll cheer you right up. 🙂


1 thought on “Stuff and things that make me laugh, part 2….

  1. OMG these are hilarious. The first one is a crack up! I mean, that’s just a gift to yourself, if a loved one croaks you’ve got that bit sorted. not really a gift to the loved one, who will be dead and won’t fully appreciate the funeral. Would be even funnier if it read “we’ll also send someone over to delete your browser history” haha

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