Living room makeover…

Here’s the evolution of my living room…

When I first moved in, it looked like this…


And here it is with all my furniture in… I wasn’t a fan of the wallpaper…


P1050121 P1050122

And then I got rid of all the wallpaper and painted the wall a lovely shade of aubergine. Much better! And purple curtains to match…



Then I got my floors done…

P1140323 P1140334


P1140341 P1140350 P1140352

And then, four years later, I got sucked into a retail vortex and realised I needed a rug… so this happened…

Checking out paint samples

IMG_5630 IMG_5632 IMG_5651 IMG_5652

Rearranging the room…


My slightly ratty old sofas…



Say goodbye to the purple wall – it’s been a fun 4 years!

IMG_5893 IMG_5895

Tiggy looks on in bemusement as I put on the undercoats…


And now for the very mature and grown-up Sage Green colour

IMG_5900 IMG_5899

2nd coat goes on

IMG_5902 IMG_5903

And voila!


Next up – new sofa arrives! Here is it in all the boxes!

IMG_6083 IMG_6084 IMG_6087 IMG_6088



And here’s the new rug!


All done, except for the purple curtains… New floor, new rug, new sofa, new wall…

IMG_6131 IMG_6133 IMG_6134 IMG_6136

Panoramic shot of the whole room

IMG_6142 IMG_6143

Then my lovely dad bought me some new curtains to replace the purple ones…


Look how pretty they are! And very grown up, with trees on and stuff…


2 thoughts on “Living room makeover…

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  2. LOVE THE NEW COLOR!!!!!! You went from awesome to FABULOUS. I liked the purple, but I really like the green!

    Ooooh you are making me wish for a new home so badly, so I can do this myself! *wishes*


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