More random things that made me laugh…

Wow – one of my older posts, Reasons why I love the Philippines, seems to have gone a bit viral today (someone clearly shared it on facebook) and I’ve now had over 1,000 views in a day! Madness! I suddenly feel strangely popular and powerful at the same time – it’s like I’m wielding all this internet power using only my words on a blog – MWAH HA HAAAAA!

Ok, enough mad laughter, people in the office are starting to stare… Instead, here are some more random things I’ve seen this month that make me smile.

Sunset over Cebu city


You can’t tell, but this massive banner in the middle is advertising “Bonakid Pre-School”.


Saw a brilliant beneficiary t-shirt that just said “Climax!” in large font across the front. Couldn’t get a picture of it sadly, but I did manage to snap this one instead….


This brilliant picture from the internet still makes me laugh every time:


This rather dirty pizza topping. Think we could all do with a bit more “Beef Sausage Goodness” in our lives….


This FANTASTICALLY unfortunate name for a college:


Comedy signs seen on a photo collage at Cebu airport…..

P1130436 P1130433 P1130430 P1130432 P1130428 P1130426 P1130422 P1130419


2 thoughts on “More random things that made me laugh…

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