Chasing Misery


Given the booming internet traffic I’m getting, now seems like the perfect time to promote a fabulous new anthology written by women in the aid sector, called Chasing Misery.

It’s a collection of 21 essays and 26 photographs documenting different women’s experiences in the aid sector. And spoiler alert – I’m one of the contributors (no I won’t tell you which one, you’ll just have to guess).

Don’t be put off by the title – it’s not as miserable as it sounds!

The anthology combines touching personal stories of the many successes and failures, trials and tribulations of aid workers, told from a uniquely female perspective – some funny, some heartbreakingly sad, and many more in between. It shows interesting insights and reflections on life as a female aid worker, as well as some truly beautiful photographs.

It’s available in both paperback and kindle versions on both and, as well as on CreateSpace, and you can also read more about the book at the website, or like it on facebook.

10% of the sales will be donated to the Headington Institute, an organisation that provides stress management training, trauma counselling, and many other psycho-social support services to aid workers worldwide.

There’s a rather nice review of the book on the Aidspeak website too.


“Unblinking, Chasing Misery shows the humanity in humanitarian
work, through the eyes of women on the front lines…These beautifully
written, personal, honest and raw essays provide the reader with a
rare glimpse into that world of humanitarian aid…A must read!”
– Caroline Baron, Founder of FilmAid International (

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