The Outrage (or shocking lack thereof)

Recently in both the UK and Australia there has been a big debate in the news about women’s safety, or as it really should be called, male violence against women.

Chris Hemmings gave an excellent interview (you can watch the 2 x clips here on Twitter) about this problematic framing of the debate, and I have seen it previously posted before in a very succinct way that I like:

The constant framing of sexual assault as a women’s safety issue should OFFEND you as a man.

Men should be outraged when someone claims that women can prevent rape by not wearing certain things or not going certain places or not acting in a certain way.
That line of thinking assumes that you are incapable of control. That you are so base and uncivilised that it takes extraordinary effort for you to walk down the street without raping someone.
That you require a certain dress code to be maintained, that certain behaviours be deployed so that maybe, just maybe, today you won’t rape someone.
It presumes that your natural state is rapist.
Men should be outraged every time someone suggests that a woman’s body in an invitation for attack or abuse just because parts of it are visible.”

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Light at the end of the tunnel

So since I last wrote we did another week in isolation, it was hard, and I was still utterly exhausted all the time and getting awful headaches most days.

I had another really tough day on the Friday (our last day of isolation) and woke up knackered and weepy and just couldn’t stop crying all morning. My lovely mum came down to stay for a few days, as it turns out 26 days in total isolation trapped in the house with a small child was enough to break me completely. After a few days of rest while my mum helped out with my daughter, the kid went back to nursery at last and I took a few extra days off work to really try and rest properly without a small child around. The doctor also prescribed me some antibiotics in case the headaches were related to sinusitis or a secondary infection, as my temperature was still going up and down a lot and something clearly still wasn’t right with my body.

I don’t know if it was the rest, the antibiotics, or just time, but I finally started to feel properly better, and I have now felt well (and normal) for two weeks, and my temperature has been completely back to normal ever since the antibiotics. Continue reading