Looking on the bright side

I had a really tough week last week, for reasons I will go into another time.

However I have also done some reflecting on 2021 (much as I did in my recap Xmas letter). The thing that stood out to me when I wrote the recap of the year was how shit 2021 was in general. How hopeful we were that everything would magically get fixed once we were all vaccinated and it stopped the spread of the virus etc etc. Knowing in the end that it didn’t work out was hugely disappointing.

BUT what I’ve been thinking about this week in between all the drama is how lucky I am to have so many amazing people in my life to support me. And when you stop and focus on the positives, in the face of all the crap and shit and bollocks life throws at you, it’s amazing how awesome people are.

There were so many people back in January and February last year who helped and supported me through the awfulness of Covid. People who collected my shopping and checked in on me when I was laid out exhausted and throwing up into a bucket. People who spent hours on video calls with my daughter so I could rest and recover while we were in isolation. People who collected my prescriptions for me, people who went out of their way to make a meal for my daughter so I wouldn’t need to cook. People who sent us toys and activities to keep my daughter busy. People who collected my daughter from nursery for me when we had to go back into isolation again. The doctor who took me seriously when I wasn’t getting any better after weeks of fever and headaches and offered helpful solutions that actually worked.

Similarly, when I accidentally bought my disaster house later in the year and started lurching from one crisis to another, it astonished me how many wonderful people stepped in to help and to catch me when I started to fall.

People who helped me to pack and move house, people who showed up at my door to take in my dirty washing and return it clean for me. People who offered to come and look at my pipes, or help me reset the boiler, people who offered to drive over with emergency radiators when the heating failed. My family, who stepped in willingly and supported me financially when the bills overflowed and the costs of fixing it all threatened to drown me. People who offered to come and help me paint my walls, and offered me furniture and cups of tea when it all went wrong. People who dropped everything to drive me and my sick kid to the emergency room when things got scary. People who drove for miles just to bring me flowers to cheer me up. People who patiently listened to me moan for hours on the phone about all my first-world problems. People who dropped everything to come over and hug me when I had a terribly shitty day.

I am so incredibly lucky that I have an army of amazing friends and family who do all of these things for me. I hope I will never need to lean so heavily on all of them again, but it is a huge comfort to know that they are there and that next time I fall there are at least 20 people out there who will catch me and help me to get up again.

The Christmas Letter 2021

Ah the Christmas letter. A dying art form. Some are very dull while the truly great letters are witty and light hearted, bringing joy and exaggeration to the most mundane of lives.

It’s not really needed in my case, as most of my friends and family have already read my blow-by-blow accounts of the minutiae of our lives all year and are pretty much up to speed. Nevertheless, I thought I would attempt a Christmas missive to recap the year.

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2021 Book Challenge

For the 5th year in a row, my dad and I are embarking on the Popsugar reading challenge. It’s been a fairly slow reading year for me what with one thing and another, so I haven’t read much at all this year but here’s what I’ve read in 2021

Book 1: The Survivors, by Jane Harper

Category: A book published in 2021

I love this author. Her first book The Dry was AMAZING and has just been made into a movie. I didn’t love Force of Nature, her second book, but her third The Lost Man and this one were both also excellent. They are proper, gripping, page turners. There is almost always a murder or suspected murder and a whodunnit style exploration of a small town and it’s inhabitants, who all seem to have secrets and motives etc. They are quintessentially Australian and the scenery and setting is vividly pictured.

This was technically released in Australia in 2020, but is not released in the UK until later in Jan 2021 so I’m counting it. My friend in Oz sent it to me as a Christmas present so I was able to read it before it’s even released here, and I literally raced through it in 2 days. A strong start to the year! Continue reading


Well I am learning to appreciate the term “SNAFU” on a personal level these days (Situation Normal: All Fucked Up).

It appears that my daily life now involves lurching from one crisis to the next and weirdly I am acclimatising to this ridiculous way of living.

Carlos finally worked his magic on the washing machine and TOUCH WOOD, SPIT AND TURN AROUND THREE TIMES ALL OF YOU it appears to now work just fine. We have laundry!

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Meeting my newest and oldest daughter (officially)

So, I wrote a while ago that I was planning to adopt again, and all the incredibly slow and boring red tape that goes with it. Since then I have moved house to Chateau d’Omnishambles to have more space etc and be ready for the next child.

I also wrote about the specific girl who I really want to adopt. Well things are FINALLY moving forward and starting to happen!

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The week from hell

It has been a hell of a week, and not in a good way.

My daughter has been really unsettled by the move, and so dropping her off at nursery has led to hysterics and she clings to me screaming as the staff try to prise her off me.

It’s very distressing for all of us, and given all the upheaval of the move I decided she needed some extra reassurance so I asked nursery if I can come in for a little while in the mornings to settle her in (we are not normally allowed inside the nursery at all ever since Covid happened). They agreed, and I spent a lot of time convincing her that even though the house has changed, everything else is the same, and mummy will always be there no matter what, and I’ll still pick her up at the same time, etc etc.

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