Kao Soi

Another new favourite from my travels – this one is a sort of hot and sour chicken noodle soup. It’s yellow – presumably heavy on the turmeric and very delicious!

The key ingredient I use is a cheater’s pre-mixed spice packet to make the sauce, although I’m sure google would probably be able to tell you what combination of spices would do…

The traditional version has chicken, noodles, soup, and often some fresh greens on top and crispy noodles. However I like to add all sorts of veggies so this is my somewhat altered version!

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Lazy Sunday

Well now, yesterday I had the most relaxing Sunday in a long time, and I think it was linked to the fact that I sort-of accidentally had a screen-free day.

I had a nice lie-in, and when I got up around 10am, the sun was shining and it was a glorious day outside. I took my cup of tea out into the garden, got out the outdoor bench cushions for my tiki hut, and decided to pick up a book from my bookshelf and have a quiet read in the sunshine.


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Creamy chicken, leek and ham pie

Ok, this is a new recipe I tried from my Jamie Oliver app on my phone, so absolutely no credit due to me, and all of the credit goes to Jamie. (Get the app, it’s amazing). I made a few additions/substitutions here or there, but not many.

It was delicious and I will definitely make it again – next time I may even add pastry to the bottom too, who knows? Or possibly I might try it with shortcrust pastry instead….

Sadly I got too excited about eating it once it comes out of the oven and I therefore don’t have any pictures of it with the puff pastry top on!

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