Polly the Polo

As part of my preparation for a family, I decided it was time to get rid of Tina the tiny clown car, which I inherited from my mum, and upgrade to something slightly bigger, with you know, back doors and such, in case I need to grapple with child seats and things.

Here’s Tina, being all tiny like the hilarious clown car that she is….

And here’s Polly, my shiny new VW Polo (not so new, she’s about 13 years old, but she’s lovely and very pretty!)

I picked up Polly a couple of weeks ago, and on our maiden voyage home around the M25 I was amazed at how lovely and roomy she is! My head didn’t even touch the ceiling or ANYTHING!

Basically she’s fab and I love her. Looking forward to all the adventures we’ll have together!

Adoption prep part 2 and 3

I have now finished my adoption prep training, and I must say there was a lot of useful stuff in there. I mean, don’t get me wrong, not all of the social workers were natural facilitators, and one of them in particular had a tendency to read aloud the text on every single powerpoint screen, and speak in a very patronising tone (I suspect she is so used to speaking in a cheery, slow voice to children that she’s forgotten how to address functional adults).

However, I got some real insight into the adopted child’s perspective of the world, and how I might need to adapt my parenting style to their needs. Continue reading