“Oranges and Lemons” Ice-cream

This is an incredible recipe for home-made ice-cream that an old family friend passed on to me. You don’t need an ice-cream maker, and you don’t need to keep checking it and stirring it as it freezes – this recipe is magic because you just pop it in the freezer, leave it alone and it freezes perfectly every time!

It’s dead simple, and VERY delicious, although I won’t lie, it’s not exactly low-fat…

There are some flavour variations I’ve added at the bottom, (although I’ve never tried the coffee version). And don’t worry about the raw eggs – it’s the same principle as chocolate mousse, something scientific happens with the eggs and sugar are whisked together, and they somehow become safe – I can’t remember why, but google it and you’ll see.

You’ll need:

6 egg yolks
6oz caster sugar
Half a pint of double cream
Juice of 2 medium size oranges and 1 lemon


1) Whisk the egg yolks until thick with the sugar, and then add the fruit juice.

2) In a separate bowl, whisk the cream until it just holds it’s shape.

3) Add the yolks and juice mixture to the cream and fold it in – make sure it is well combined, but don’t stir too much – just fold it, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of the air you whisked in, and this helps to keep the ice-cream fluffy.

4) Pour/Spoon it into a tupperware container with a lid, or alternatively in a freezer-safe bowl covered in foil, and pop it in the freezer for a few hours until completely frozen.


Instead of using orange and lemon juice, you can also try lemon and lime for a more zingy and refreshing taste, (you’ll need approximately 4oz of juice) or you can substitute with 4oz of VERY strong black coffee if you like coffee ice-cream.

Last days in Iraq…


Ok, so after my frenzy of posts about crafty things and recipes, it’s probably time to tell you more about my day-to-day type stuff. Work is going well here, and I’ve met some incredible people. I’ve only got a few days left now, so here are some pics from my work, when I’ve been out and about doing general work-type things!

We did some meetings with community leaders and IDP representatives to tell them more about our work and what we’re doing in their villages.

IMG_4073 IMG_4074

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Cashew Nut Paella

This recipe came from the Vegetarian Bible (Fresh from the garden) cookbook, by Nicola Graimes, (I think) and it’s really delicious! I make it without olives, because frankly, olives, eeewww. I also rarely bother to de-seed the tomato – I just chop it up and throw it in. The turmeric makes this a fantastic bright yellow colour, and it’s incredibly tasty – Yum!

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Ramadan Kareem!

This week, Facebook has been flooded with news of the UK’s heatwave, and the hot and sweaty plight of my friends and family (us Brits are unused to warm weather as a rule, and are not built to cope with it).

It was extremely tempting to mock them all with the fact that’s it’s 46 degrees here, and has been pretty consistently for the last month, so therefore 2 days of 30 degrees is hardly unbearable. (That’s 46 degree celcius for you non-metric people of the world – about 115 degrees if you’re working in farenheit)

However, then I remembered that it’s also Ramadan, and my amazing Kurdish and Arabic colleagues are not only going out into the 46 degree hear every day to provide much-needed support to people, but they also can’t eat or drink any water for 17 hours straight. And they come in to work every day and do it all over again with a smile on their faces.

Trust me when I tell you that, based on past experience of my own grumpiness factor when my blood sugar level drops too low, if I had to go out into 46 degree heat everyday and stand in the sun distributing emergency kits without a single drop of water or food for 17 hours, I’d either collapse or start World War 3.

So I can express nothing but awe and MASSIVE respect to my incredible colleagues for continuing to come into work everyday and help all those people in need of support.

Here’s to ALL my Muslim colleagues and friends working hard in humanitarian emergencies this Ramadan all over the world.

You are incredible.

Ramadan Kareem!