Last days in Iraq…


Ok, so after my frenzy of posts about crafty things and recipes, it’s probably time to tell you more about my day-to-day type stuff. Work is going well here, and I’ve met some incredible people. I’ve only got a few days left now, so here are some pics from my work, when I’ve been out and about doing general work-type things!

We did some meetings with community leaders and IDP representatives to tell them more about our work and what we’re doing in their villages.

IMG_4073 IMG_4074

Talking to IDPs about their situation


I went to check in on the first day of cash for work in one of our villages, where they are clearing out irrigation canals for farmers.

IMG_4252 IMG_4254

I couldn’t resist having a go too! I think my tabbard is weirdly very slimming in these pics too…

IMG_4267 IMG_4268 IMG_4269

Except in this one, where obviously a gust of wind made me look tubby…


I picked up my lovely new dress that one of the women tailor’s in the village made for me! I love it, but was told that I can only wear it inside the house – it’s a house dress, even though I think it’s nice enough to wear to the office, but apparently it would be like wearing your pajamas to work. Pretty bling pajamas if you ask me…


Then we went to visit a woman who is living alone with her young son and sister in the remains of her house after ISIS mostly destroyed it.

Peeking through the bullet hole in her front gate…

IMG_4364 IMG_4366

IMG_4118 IMG_4120


Bullet hole in the door…

IMG_4124 IMG_4125

Some pretty burnt-out rooms…

IMG_4126 IMG_4128

This room was burned pretty badly


IMG_4133 IMG_4134

And they pretty much blasted through the back wall of the house…

IMG_4135 IMG_4136

View across to the village where the wall used to be.

IMG_4142 IMG_4143 IMG_4144

Kid playing with their destroyed washing machine…

IMG_4146 IMG_4147

That’s a LOT of bullet holes in the wall…


Me and the team have a think about what we could do to help.


These really cute girls kept shouting “Picture! Picture!” as I went by, so I obliged…

IMG_4273 IMG_4274 IMG_4275 IMG_4278 IMG_4281

I bought some gorgeous fabric to have made into skirts and dresses before I leave…


Out and about fabric shopping in the market – I love these colours!

IMG_4361 IMG_4360 IMG_4359 IMG_4358

Me in my headscarf out in the field…


Folding stock AK resting against the gear stick (not our car, I hasten to add!)


One of our lovely beneficiaries, a shopkeeper, receives a cash grant from us to help him re-build his shop.


And a barber gets a cash grant too to fix up his shop…

IMG_4403 IMG_4407

Spotted in a local shop… Tee hee hee!


Sewing machines ready for distribution to some women tailors!

IMG_4344 IMG_4346


The ladies show us the materials they bought with their cash grant…

IMG_4375 IMG_4376 IMG_4380

Old manual foot-pedal machine vs new electric one…

IMG_4385 IMG_4387 IMG_4390


This lady used her cash grant to buy stock for her beauty salon business

IMG_4415 IMG_4412

My fab team bought me a face cake to say goodbye!

IMG_4362 IMG_4418

And then there’s the fire phone – I so want to call the number and see if fire comes out…


2nd farewell dinner at the very posh Millennium hotel in Sule…

IMG_4420 IMG_4421 IMG_4422

Random hanging sculpture thingy – fish? leaves? feathers?


Feathers, definitely feathers.


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