Well many of you will have seen how deeply in love I fell with Senegal on my recent work trip there. It’s stunningly gorgeous, and fun, laid-back, and relaxed. I could happily live there forever.

However, almost as soon as I arrived home, I barely had time to unpack, cuddle the cats, and get a new visa before I was headed for Nairobi, where I’ll be based for the next 5 weeks or so.

Here I am at the Kenyan Embassy collecting my visa…


Can’t wait to go looking for giraffes! I bloody love them!

The changing colours of my hair, and international spydom

Many of you will know that my hair has gone through many iterations of colours and styles over the years. If you don’t, you should read my post The many comedy hairstyles of Maya, Alpac-a-like, and Hair-raising.

And recently I underwent a transformation from semi-normal to Mermaid in order to raise some money for cancer research.

However, I discovered that staying blue requires a lot of maintenance, and so I attempted to go purple, which also faded rather faster than I would have liked. And seeing as my work required a bit of travel lately, and also required me to get several passport photos taken for visas etc, I realised that I am starting to have some hair issues. Namely that I arrive in a country, with different coloured hair than my passport, and also different coloured hair than my visa photo, and then 2 weeks later it has faded so much that I leave the country with different coloured hair than I entered with. Continue reading