I left my heart in Senegal

I recently had the pleasure of going on a work trip to Senegal, which was wonderful and amazing (and really hard work!). We spent a week in Dakar, and a week in Somone, and it was magical. I loved it, and would go back and live there in a shot!

It was fantastic to be forced to dredge up all my french and dust it off, and it made me realise how good it would be to live somewhere like Senegal for a while and get really fluent in French!

However, Iberia, the budget flight out there, left a lot to be desired, with no in-flight entertainment at all (not even a communal telly).


Warm and stormy on arrival…


1st view of the city at night


Cold beer by the pool


A wet and muggy walk on the beach – lots of red seaweed


Dipping my toes in the Atlantic




Lovely colourful boats


And some goats, having a wee stroll on the beach…


Dude washing his goat, as you do

img_0165 img_0168 img_0176 img_0177 img_0180


Hilarious doll – Scary and her car…


I mis-read these and thought they were ninja princess dolls, which would have been awesome…


Sunny morning rainbow over Ngor Island

img_0192 img_0237 img_0197 img_0198 img_0199

Documenting my hair starting to puff up in the humidity…

img_0204 img_0205

Found out a cool thing about the hotel we were staying in – it was the finish line for the Paris-Dakar rally back in it’s glory days.


Some of the stunning fabrics I bought at the market…


And my gorgeous new silver Toureg-style necklace


Gorgeous sunset over the pool


Out for a lovely dinner at the rooftop bar


The photo doesn’t do it justice but the sky was the most incredible shade of deep blue as the stars started to come out


Chillin’ at the rooftop bar


Enjoying la gazelle…

img_0235 img_0236

Ok, this bit might be boring for some of you, but it’s my blog and I’ll post what I like! The hotel had these lovely big pictures on the walls – made of printed fabric stretched over canvas. The fabrics in West Africa are called “Wax” because of the printing technique they use.

img_0245 img_0247 img_0249 img_0254

img_0239 img_0240 img_0241 img_0242 img_0244

img_0255 img_0238

Another gorgeous sunny day in Dakar


Slowly becoming Grug…


Got my hat on, pretty excited for my day out on Goree Island…


Entertaining my friend’s daughter on the boat trip over to the island…

img_0264 img_0265 img_0272

First glimpse of Goree Island – also known as Slave Island, as it was used as a holding area for transporting slaves out to the big ships

img_0278 img_0279 img_0281 img_0282 img_0287


So excited to discover that West Africa has henges too!! HENGE!!

img_0289 img_0290img_0291

Diagram of a slave ship – I enjoyed discovering that they had an entire section of the ship just for biscuits…


Some rather sad and sobering diagrams of how slaves were transported

img_0293 img_0294

img_0297 img_0298

Cannons and stuff

img_0299 img_0300 img_0301

Wandering about on Goree…

img_0305 img_0306 img_0307 img_0303


Baobab Tree…


Groovy totem pole made of jerry can faces


A very large and very old gun. We assumed it was from WW2, but were informed it is actually from 1907 apparently.


Some pretty awesome sculptures

img_0325 img_0323 img_0324

The famous door at the slave house – slaves were taken out of this door, and stepped directly onto boats that were rowed out to the ships – they used to walk out of this door and disappear, never to be seen again.

img_0327 img_0328

The Lord is my Shepherd written in pidgin


All the locals were chilling out in the sea – it was so hot only mad dogs and englishmen were walking around sightseeing…


Back on the mainland, we went to the western-most point of Africa to watch the sunset.

img_0338 img_0340

Dinner out with some old friends and some amazing cerviche….


On the bus headed for Somone for week 2…



The amazing hotel resort we stayed at – it was something like the Royal Baobab Hotel in Somone and I must say it was FANTASTIC – beautiful location, incredible food, and super reasonable – only £85 a night, including all the food, (massive buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner!).

img_0357 img_0360 img_0364 img_0365

img_0366 img_0368 img_0373

img_0374 img_0375 img_0376

Yeah, this’ll do nicely.

img_0377 img_0380

Pretty excited to be here!


img_0384 img_0386 img_0387 img_0388 img_0389 img_0390 img_0394 img_0397

That night a storm blew in from the sea really suddenly, and when I got back to my room, my hair was standing on end like someone had rubbed a balloon over it…

img_0398 img_0400 img_0424 img_0404 img_0405

Continuing the big hair issues….


Sunset over the sea

img_0536 img_0537

Just a few small purchases from the markets…


Dancers at the show


Spot of dancing with ma colleagues…

img_0558 img_0560 img_0562 img_0563 img_0564

Awesome team photo!


Time for just a smidge more shopping…


Watching the surfers do their thing

img_0475 img_0478 img_0483 img_0484 img_0485 img_0539

Learning to play Settlers of Catan (and making a mini Woodhenge…)

img_0469 img_0470

Sunday afternoon swim at the pool




Sadly I lost my hat, so had to improvise some shade…


Picking up my STUNNING new handbag – this was handmade for me by my new leather guy at the market…


Heading home, with weird whitish-green hair (bleached out from the sun), hugging my fabulous new bag, and ready for some shut-eye with my neck pillow and panda mask…

img_0518 img_0519 img_0526

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