Maya’s Guide to Nairobi

A kind friend and colleague who lived in Nairobi for many years, and is a self-proclaimed foodie sent me a fantastic list of recommendations of things to do in Nairobi (and mostly great places to eat!)

Here is the full list of recommendations I received when I arrived in Nairobi, along with my additional comments and thoughts. It’s mostly a restaurant and eating-out guide, but with a few other things as well – in case any of you are in need of suggestions for things to do in Nairobi!

I bought a map and started marking out where things were in order to plan my culinary tour of the city!

img_0654 Continue reading

It IS a small world after all…

Actually it’s TINY.

Especially in the aid sector.

Especially if you’re in Nairobi.

As one colleague put it, everyone passes through Nairobi eventually.

But still, it’s a little bit insane. After a mere 2 weeks here I have bumped into no less than 7 former colleagues or friends who happened to be in or passing through Nairobi at the same time. It’s utter madness. Continue reading


Well many of you will have seen how deeply in love I fell with Senegal on my recent work trip there. It’s stunningly gorgeous, and fun, laid-back, and relaxed. I could happily live there forever.

However, almost as soon as I arrived home, I barely had time to unpack, cuddle the cats, and get a new visa before I was headed for Nairobi, where I’ll be based for the next 5 weeks or so.

Here I am at the Kenyan Embassy collecting my visa…


Can’t wait to go looking for giraffes! I bloody love them!