Curly Girls

Ok, so recently I’ve decided to play around with my hair and see if I can follow the “Curly Girl” method, and see how curly I can get my hair to go naturally.

Now this is mainly due to the fact that I am still, after 11 months, trying to learn the best way to manage my mixed-race daughter’s amazing luscious curly hair. It has grown an awful lot in that time, and gotten so much thicker and longer. I didn’t want to just experiment on a two-year old with all these new methods and thought I would experiment on myself as well just to see what happens. 

Given the current events worldwise in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I wanted to explain a bit more about why and how my curly hair journey is so interlinked with discussions on race happening around the globe. It sounds ludicrous to put those two things together, but hear me out. Continue reading

The changing colours of my hair, and international spydom

Many of you will know that my hair has gone through many iterations of colours and styles over the years. If you don’t, you should read my post The many comedy hairstyles of Maya, Alpac-a-like, and Hair-raising.

And recently I underwent a transformation from semi-normal to Mermaid in order to raise some money for cancer research.

However, I discovered that staying blue requires a lot of maintenance, and so I attempted to go purple, which also faded rather faster than I would have liked. And seeing as my work required a bit of travel lately, and also required me to get several passport photos taken for visas etc, I realised that I am starting to have some hair issues. Namely that I arrive in a country, with different coloured hair than my passport, and also different coloured hair than my visa photo, and then 2 weeks later it has faded so much that I leave the country with different coloured hair than I entered with. Continue reading


In a brief comedy sidebar, here are some hilarious pictures of me.

The first two, when compared side by side, remind me of a “Where are they now?” type programme on celebrities who have fallen from grace.
Or maybe a poster you’d find in a high school espousing the dangers of meth abuse and what it does to you.

Or possibly a Jekyll and Hyde style metamorphosis from normal to peculiar…


Looking back at other pics, I have decided to compile the following timeline of my slow descent from cute child to total nutter purely for your amusement, dear readers. After all, it is Halloween today, so how better to celebrate than witness one woman’s descent into madness… And also it turns out this is my 250th post! For other hilarious and oddly vain posts, have a look at The Many Comedy Hairstyles of Maya….

Here I am looking adorably cute and normal, aged 5 or 6 I think…


Note the trendy velour tracksuit top, and the jeans with a 6-inch hem of “growing room”

Of course, even at that age I was showing signs of being a bit peculiar… Continue reading


Am back in Cebu, about to go on holiday to visit some friends and family in Oz.

Crashed out at 9pm last night, and slept for 11 hours solid without moving, woke up in exactly the same position.

God I needed that!

Here’s what happened to my hair while I was sleeping though….


I’m not impressed with the direction my hair seems to be taking – so far it’s mostly vertical….


The Philippines in shorthand…

As I have struggled to write coherent blog posts in any semblance of order, and so much is happening it’s all starting to sound a bit disjointed and confusing. Have just looked back through some facebook posts and realised it’s easier to be funny in short random posts.

So, here is a taster of my first few weeks in the Philippines, as seen through my facebook status updates:

20th November:

Another long, hectic, but fascinating day… Off to bed now, but getting up again in 4 1/2 hours to go to a distribution… My current checklist of things not to forget at 3.30am includes “Big truck, little truck, van full of cardboard boxes…”   🙂

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