The Little Things

Ok, look, in my last post I just needed to have a massive big MOAN ok?
Sometimes I need to let it all out. Are things a bit stressful in general? Sure.

But please don’t fret, my dear readers. I’m chugging along, I’m coping just fine, and the main reason for that is because I am lucky enough to have these things in my life:

  1. My hilarious cats which are needy and ridiculous and I love them

2. Some pretty amazing friends and family who always cheer me up


3. My pottery classes, which continue to bring me so much joy you can’t even imagine.

4.Glorious winter sunsets

5. Bright, gorgeous early spring flowers

6. Wolverines, because for a terrifying and vicious killer they have the most HILARIOUS run ever (lollopy, lollopy, lollopy)

7. Tiny goats, because it turns out alongside Quokkas they just might be my spirit animal and I LOVE them

8. And of course, gin, and all it’s wonderful new hipster varieties (this one came with grapefruit and rosemary and was delicious)

And I suppose, if I’m being bumptious (new word I just learned – it means “irritatingly self-assertive), number 9 would be an ability to get so much joy from the little things in life, and feeling grateful that I’m the sort of person who can be having a stressful time, but still stop and enjoy a sunset, or a flower, or a tiny goat, and remember that I am just a small, insignificant speck in this universe, and everything is frankly relative.

In the grand scheme of things, when you are surrounded by good, kind, loving people and gin, and flowers, and sunsets and tiny goats it’s impossible to stay down for long.


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