In a brief comedy sidebar, here are some hilarious pictures of me.

The first two, when compared side by side, remind me of a “Where are they now?” type programme on celebrities who have fallen from grace.
Or maybe a poster you’d find in a high school espousing the dangers of meth abuse and what it does to you.

Or possibly a Jekyll and Hyde style metamorphosis from normal to peculiar…


Looking back at other pics, I have decided to compile the following timeline of my slow descent from cute child to total nutter purely for your amusement, dear readers. After all, it is Halloween today, so how better to celebrate than witness one woman’s descent into madness… And also it turns out this is my 250th post! For other hilarious and oddly vain posts, have a look at The Many Comedy Hairstyles of Maya….

Here I am looking adorably cute and normal, aged 5 or 6 I think…


Note the trendy velour tracksuit top, and the jeans with a 6-inch hem of “growing room”

Of course, even at that age I was showing signs of being a bit peculiar…


I think it was shock to everyone, myself included when it became apparent

steph passport 2

Much later, as an adult, it became harder and harder to disguise my strangeness


Or how very special I am…



And how sometimes wearing too much makeup makes me look weirdly more like a drag queen rather than an actual woman….

steph man 1


Eventually, my weirdness basically took over my face, and there was no hiding it.


And then of course finally it reached my hair, bringing us to the present day, descent into total mad professor…


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