Ebola postscript…

So, after my last rather angry tirade against the media reporting of Ebola, a few things happened that have brightened my world view a bit.

Firstly, a good friend of mine sent me this rather brilliant video which made me laugh and cheered me up no end.

Secondly, I was chatting to C, a Liberian friend of mine over here, who works for FAO, and I mentioned the plight of this unfortunate Liberian woman in America. You could have knocked me down with a feather when C laughed heartily and said “You mean Rose? You know that she’s my half sister?”. Seriously, sometimes the world is just so tiny it boggles my mind.

Then he told me a slightly depressing story about another friend of his, also Liberian, who has been working in Iraq for several months in an emergency response there. This guy flew to Kenya for a holiday (which is understandable after several months working in tough conditions in Iraq). However he was held in the airport for 3 days, before being sent back to Iraq on the grounds that he is Liberian (despite having not been anywhere near Liberia, or any contaminated people, for many months).

Thirdly, I saw this fantastic photostory profiling the brave men and women fighting ebola, and the survivors, which reminds us all where the real story is and should be. The photographs are beautiful and uplifting.

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