Lake Danao

This weekend I popped down to Ormoc to visit a couple of friends, and try to say goodbye to as many people as possible before I leave in a couple of weeks’ time. We hired a multicab (mini van/bus type thing) to take us up to Lake Danao, about 45mins away, which was quite high up in the hills, and utterly beautiful.

Once at the lake, you can hire a floating hut for the bargain price of £2 an hour, which you can haul on ropes out into the centre of the lake.

Once there, you can picnic and swim in total peace and quiet, save for a few other families and groups on neighbouring huts. The local women also sell delicious delicacies, like enormous freshwater mussels from the lake, which you can have fried or cooked in different ways, as well as a fresh fern salad, lightly blanched and served with vinegar – surprisingly delicious, and my first time eating ferns!


P1150749 P1150750 P1150755 P1150746 P1150759 P1150761 P1150767 P1150769P1150770 P1150775 P1150778 P1150780

Jealous much? 🙂

P1150783 P1150786 P1150789 P1150790

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