Well, I promised in my last message that I would consider publicly shaming my cats on social media as a form of punishment.

Here are some for starters….

IMG_8872 IMG_8877



Of course I just got done making all the signs, and had also coincidentally just mopped my floor and cleaned the house, when I came downstairs in the morning to this…

It’s quite well camouflaged against my new oak floors, but if you look closely you can see the telltale little muddy footprints…


And it was somewhat less camouflaged on my beautiful coffee table…

IMG_8896 IMG_8898

But I have not yet made a sign for that one…

3 thoughts on “Cat-shaming

  1. That is HILARIOUS!! Love cat shaming!! Bella also likes to barf every now and then, usually on the furniture, although last week she was thoughtful enough to run into her litterbox and barf there.

    the pawprints on the coffee table are so cute, it’s like art hahaha. Oh cats…. you know it’s all intentional too haha 🙂

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