Lazy Sunday

Well now, yesterday I had the most relaxing Sunday in a long time, and I think it was linked to the fact that I sort-of accidentally had a screen-free day.

I had a nice lie-in, and when I got up around 10am, the sun was shining and it was a glorious day outside. I took my cup of tea out into the garden, got out the outdoor bench cushions for my tiki hut, and decided to pick up a book from my bookshelf and have a quiet read in the sunshine.


For the rest of the day, I pottered about, but after a while I actively chose not to check my phone, turn on the TV, or check my emails, skype or laptop.

I read my book for a couple of hours, then cleaned the bathrooms and the floors, then read a bit more, then I did some energetic gardening and cleared out all the shrubs at the front of my house, and planted some more seeds and bulbs, and gave my bonsai tree some fresh soil. I swept out the patio, and changed the cat litter, and then I settled back into my tiki hut and read a bit more.

Later on I had a go at making my own body scrub, and had a nice bath to test it out, and cooked a lovely bowl of hot and sour thai noodle soup (Kao Soi).

Here’s me making body scrub…

IMG_8942 IMG_8943

In the evening, I tucked up in bed and finished off my book – I read it cover to cover during the course of the day, and went to sleep feeling unbelievably relaxed, chilled out, and happy that I accomplished various household chores in between lazily reading in my garden.

Nowadays I spend all of my working day in front of a screen, and most of my evenings on facebook, email, skype or online shopping and browsing for things on the web. I often have my laptop open browsing for things while I have the telly on in the background, as I usually like the tv or a podcast on as background noise, but I am wondering (as so many people do these days) what the effect of all that technology and constant stimulation has on me and my body….

So screen-free Sunday was accidental, but extremely enjoyable, and I may well replicate the experience another day!

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