La Chateau

In spite of the constant state of crisis we are now living in ever since I went and bought a #disasterhouse, progress has actually been made!

Here are some pictures of a few bits of the house that are actually FINISHED and looking lovely!

Before and after shots provided, of course….

Original kitchen / back door with broken glass shards all around the edges and no lock…

And shiny new beautiful back door…

Old wooden front door with cracked glass panes and no insultation…

Shiny new front door that matches the back AND keeps all the heat inside my house

A’s bedroom before:

And the disgusting underlay when they ripped up the carpets….

And A’s bedroom now with new carpets and curtains etc.

S’s bedroom before… (complete with HIDEOUS wallpaper)


And now…..

The conservatory before:

During…. (insulating the roof and cladding it) and plasterboarding the walls, new flooring, and wallpaper….

And now – my glorious jungle playroom paradise! This might just be my favourite room in the house…

My bedroom before: (the large rug belongs to the previous owners)

And now!

Stay tuned for some more pics once the other rooms get finished!

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