I (heart) Pottery

I have finally achieved something I have been trying to do for years. Ever since I moved to Oxford I have been keen to find a local pottery class I could take, as I adored pottery as a child, and have been keen to take it up again ever since. All my years living overseas made that hard to do, and even when I was based in Oxford it was hard to find a class I could easily access on a weeknight, without a car etc. However I finally found one and I’m LOVING it!

Here are my first attempts at making some pinch pots and finger pots – very crap, but useful for practicing with glazes and slips etc.

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More crafty things

Here’s another couple of crafty projects I’m pretty pleased with – my new gin lamp and my kimono!

Here’a the kimono I made all by myself on a whim…

I don’t have any good pics of the finished thing, but here’s one of me wearing it at Christmas while my niece stuffed my belt with wooden spoons….

It’s super comfy, made of thin stretchy t-shirt type fabric, and I love it!

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Doing it myself…

Here’s a glimpse of my latest DIY project – my dining table, which is incredibly nice and sturdy, but a rather old, battered and stained pine, was in dire need of a makeover. Here it is with Stanley the toolbox on it…


Also one of my chairs broke a while ago, leaving me with only 2, which is awkward if I want to have more than one person over for dinner at a time… Continue reading