The Tree Quilt

I’ve been wanting to make this one for ages. The original pattern had the tree “leaves”/circles all in one colour, which I think would have looked a bit better, but this was for my newest daughter and as we don’t have any of her baby clothes we wanted it to include other special memories for her like her football kit, school cardigan, pyjamas and nighties, favourite dress etc.

So it’s more colourful and a bit random in terms of a colour-scheme but it’s special and she loves it.

The tree trunk came from an old dress of mine which was just perfect for this project, and my other daughter put a hole in her leggings, so they made it in there too, so it’s lovely because it has a piece of each of us in it. We also added in the owl who wasn’t in the original pattern but he’s cute so we added him and some little birds too.

Annoyingly the fabirc I chose for the background creases very easily no matter how many times I ironed it!

It was my first time quilting wavy lines for tree bark – the effect was annoyingly more pronounced on the back than on the front (I almost wonder if I should have used a white thread so it was more visible) but it has created a slight bumpy effect which is nice!

Here it is all quilted and finished! Edged in hot pink as per my daughter’s request!

And here is the back side, made of bits of her old t-shirts, jumpers, and pyjamas, plus a nice little blanket I found a while ago that I really like the message of! It’s a bit off-centre which is annoying but I had to make it fit with the front piece so it’ll do.

Thankfully the back pieces are all nice and soft and snuggly so hopefully it will be a nice blanket to snuggle under!

In a nice bit of symmetry I gave my younger daughter her Panda Pop Quilt on the day we had her adoption celebration hearing back in 2020, and today we had a celebration for my older daughter’s adoption so it was the perfect way to celebrate her joining our family with a quilt made with love and memories!

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