Baking experiments

So aside from my sourdough bread…

I’ve also been baking lots of other new things. With literally nothing else to do day after day when the weather is cold and grim, I’ve been learning to bake and experimenting with other things.

At Christmas we cheated slightly and made mince pies with pre-rolled pastry and M&S filling…

Then I took a class to learn how to make Pateis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts) which was aweosme (and very delicious)

Rhubarb & Custard Crumble cake…

Which I also made with blackberries and plums when I couldn’t find rhubarb

Shortbread jammie dodgers (or they might be called Linzer biscuits?)

Then using my sourdough starter, I’ve been learning to make sourdough cinnamon rolls, (or swirly buns when we try other fillings – which my daughter thinks are called “Swirly bums” so that’s what we are calling them from now on….)

These are classic cinnamon…

These ones are filled with Biscoff spread and dark chocolate chips (and flaked almonds on top). Also YUM.

And these are filled with apricot jam and flaked almonds.

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