For various reasons I’ve been thinking about my cats a lot this week, and how excited I am to get home and see them! Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends too, but I do miss my gorgeous kitties too when I’m away.

I’m very lucky to have such great lodgers looking after them while I’ve been away, and poor Tiggy has been a bit poorly in the last few months, resulting in x-rays, MRIs, and pain medication, though thankfully not surgery. We’re still not really sure what’s wrong, but the poor thing had a lot of pain at the base of her tail. The vet initially thought someone had dislocated her tail, but after ruling it out, along with infected bites and other options, he thought it might be some sort of rare genetic disorder where the bones of the spine and tail don’t fuse together properly and trap some nerves. However the MRI ruled that out as well, so we don’t really know what’s wrong…

FYI though, thank god for pet insurance! It turns out, Cat x-rays = £600, Cat MRI = £1800, (Cat Scan = priceless)

Ho Ho Ho 🙂

Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to seeing these two adorable nutters and having some cuddles very soon….

Here’s a little trip down memory lane for those of you who’ve forgotten how cute and lovable they are…

photo 1


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