One for all the cat-lovers out there….

Here are some pictures of my lovely beautiful cats, Cleo and Tiggy…

This is Cleo. She is 5 years old, black and fluffy, she’s lived with me for about 18 months now, and she is very beautiful, with amazing ear-hair that makes her look like an owl. She’s very timid and shy, but loves cuddles every now and then.


P1080628 P1080609 P1080904 P1080903

Guess who’s hiding behind my dvds…

P1070533 P1070516 P1070508 P1070507 P1050987 P1050983 P1050978 P1050964 P1050963 P1060382 P1060368

This is my unimpressed face….

P1060367 P1060354 P1060353 P1060346

And this is my new addition Tiggy (Short for Mrs Tiggy-Winkle). She was 3 months’ old when I got her, but now she’s 1 and nearly all grown up.

She’s got a very feisty and fun personality, loves to hunt and chase things, and sleep in hilarious positions, and be cuddled and loved.

P1070858 P1070868 P1070904 P1070913 P1070914 P1070925

Exhausted after a hard day’s playing and exploring….

P1070933 P1070937 P1070940 P1070946

Cleo remains unimpressed with the new addition to our family….


But they manage to get along somehow….


cleo and tiggy

Tiggy investigates the washing machine…

P1080487 P1080488

What? We weren’t doing anything….

P1080620 P1080622 P1080798 P1080914 P1080364 photo

P1080867 P1080861

Tiggy decided to pull my jacket off the drying rack and wear it herself….

P1100275 P1100276

What? It looks better on me….



Aww, they love each other really….

photo 1


photo 4

1 thought on “One for all the cat-lovers out there….

  1. Excellent photos Stephanie. Tiggy is like our Little Girl(cat’s name). There are scores of cats at our new flat here in Tashkent. Brian and Jo-Anne.

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