Winding Down…

Wow, after over 11 months here, I suddenly only have 3 weeks to go!
It seems to have snuck up on me somehow, and now that it’s looming I’ve realised how much I have to do!

In addition to all of the handover of the work here, and supporting the teams through what is turning out to be a tough transition, there are a million and one other things to do in the next three weeks…

As I don’t know how long I’ll be at home for, I need to start planning to see my family and friends, as there is never enough time to see everyone, and I won’t have time to get around the UK much. If I don’t start organising things in advance, people will be busy and before you know it I might be off somewhere else!

Then there is all the life admin that builds up and needs attending to, like Dr’s appointments, renewing prescriptions, seeing the dentist (and getting my teeth cleaned) and the optician (getting new glasses), taking the cats to the vet for their check-ups and vaccinations, and so on.

Oh, and at some point I have to find another job too!

So much to do, and so little time.

The complicated part is trying to relax and have an actual holiday in the middle of all that! If I do manage to get another job, it will most likely be overseas again, and I need to be well-rested and ready for the next adventure, so it’s a real balancing act, trying to fit in time with my friends and family, all the health and well-being maintenance (essentially letting the doctor, dentist and optician kick the tyres and check the air pressure), and actually get some proper R&R along the way….

I haven’t started packing yet, but I have started mentally throwing things out that I can’t take home. Having realised how hopelessly tubby I’ve gotten over the last few months, I can get rid of quite a few clothes that no longer fit me, and I am going to be BRUTAL about not taking any toiletries home with me either…

I have a complex packing equation to work out. My flight from London to Manila came with 30kgs of baggage allowance, which I used up, however for some inexplicable reason the return leg only has 20kgs, and it’s not possible to buy any more in advance.

Even more concerning is that my internal flight from Tacloban to Manila only has a mere 10kgs of luggage allowance.

So, planning ahead seems like a sensible option…

I’m hoping enough people will be coming and going between Tacloban and Manila to allow me to get a few things back to Manila, otherwise it’ll be a fairly hefty amount of excess baggage I’ll be paying!

2 thoughts on “Winding Down…

  1. As an American, I can almost assure you that with the luggage allowance, all you need to do is be loud and throw a bit of a fit and they will accommodate you. That one should be the least of your worries, you are a paying customer, and at the worst they’ll charge you excess weight fees. And I thought with those internal flights, if you can prove you’re connecting on an international, halfway around the world flight, they accommodate you. (although my experience is with flights to and from the Caribbean, and they are well used to big fat Americans with big luggage so they may have different rules than in Philippines!

    Your blog is amazing by the way. Can’t wait for this to turn into a book!

    Love you miss you, what dates are you going to be home in Oxford for? I have a package for you I’d like to time with your trip home!

  2. I can’t believe you’ve been there for 11 months either!! Crazy how time flies!! I’ve loved reading about your experiences!

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