Another rant…

Monday 30th May 2005
I know I only wrote an email like a week ago, but I have more stuff to say, so there!!
Firstly, I am sitting at home gloating, and I have no one to gloat to!! Having spent all of last week going mad doing exams and reports etc, and telling Cal how hard it was and how he should really REALLY start doing his, I came into work this morning and finished off my last couple of reports, handed them proudly to Jenny and then spent the whole day watching Cal panic cos his weren’t even close to finished and they’re supposed to be handed out to the students tomorrow!!! He kept complaining about how much work it was and how hard the maths is, and how he just can’t concentrate with all these other people in the staff room, and I had to bite my lip to avoid saying “I KNOW IT’S HARD, THAT’S WHY I TOLD YOU TO START IT LAST WEEK YOU STUPID BASTARD!!!”
Anyway, in the end he had to get Jenny to teach his last two classes so he could get on with it, and Jenny cancelled our phone teaching for this week so Cal could calm down and not freak out so much!! So, I got to finish early, and waltz out of school at seven, while Cal was tearing his hair out and cursing the fact that the school does not have an oven to shove his head in!! Yay!!
Ok, gloating over, I’m done, really.
(I’m great and Cal sucks!!)
O.K. now I’m done, I swear!!
Anyway, I had a really lovely day on Sunday – my friend Suzie was going to be singing at her church so I agreed to go along for moral support. I must admit I haven’t been inside a church for a while, and it was really…. different.
– Be aware that any church-related enjoyment was beaten out of me as teenager – being forced out of bed and into a school uniform at 7.30am only to get dragged down to an icy stone church to freeze my arse off listening to an octogenarian mumble incoherently for an hour really puts you off!!
So anyway, the Baptists are much more laid back than the Methodists apparently, and after the singing of some ‘modern’ hymns accompanied by guitars and a saxophone, Pastor Jonathan (with his hip and groovy comb over) made me stand up and introduce myself as the newcomer, and then I had to shake hands with the entire congregation!! They were all really nice though, and Suzie’s song was lovely, so its all good!
After that, we went for lunch and did some shopping in the market, where we stalked a couple of really hot guys for a while (FYI – hot guys are apparently travelling in pairs this season – be aware, it’s two-for-one this summer!). That was fun, then we found a really cool beauty shop where we got all beautified and had manicures and pedicures etc. They even gave me a free set of face creams cos it was my birthday last week!! So it was a really lovely day, basically, and the weather is gorgeous right now – all hot and sunny.
That’s about it for now, but for those of you who seem to think I exaggerate everything (don’t know where you could have possibly gotten that idea!!), here’s a picture of me from two weekends ago at that temple – remember I told you those photographers swarmed me and made me pose for them? I have proof people!!
hope you’re all well,
love manicured-gloating-Maya

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