I found the culprit!

Wednesday, 2 March 2005
Well, the smell in my apartment has been getting worse and worse since I last wrote, so I finally turned my flat upside down.
I cleaned under the sofa (again!), pulled everything out of my closet and cleaned in there, searched and searched, and cleaned and cleaned (those of you who know me well will know how much I hate cleaning too!). I scrubbed the toilet, plunged the drains, and all sorts of nasty things, – I even tackled the enormous mountain of washing up that I had so succesfully avoided for so long!!!
Eventually, I pulled up the carpet, and discovered that at some point (possibly even before I moved in), something sticky had spilled and gotten under the carpet, and due to the underfloor heating, the top of the carpet had dried out and remained unnoticed, while the underneath of the carpet had been slowly rotting and going slimy and icky!
So, I rolled up my sleeves, and the carpet, carted it downstairs and chucked it, scrubbed the floor and I’m hoping with any luck that the smell will disappear (if it doesn’t I’m going to drown my flat in perfume!!).
In other news, I was really sad to lose my kindergarten class, cos they were lovely and by far my most well-behaved and favorite class. However, I had a lovely suprise today – all our classes got re-shuffled, and over half of my kinder class showed up in my 3.00 class – all grown up and ready for the big-boy class!! It was so cute!! Another boy showed up today who I haven’t seen in about two months – his mum was in a bad car accident before Christmas, and we didn’t think he was coming back, but he did and he’s lovely too.
I also had a minor drama in my 6.00 class – a girl showed up late in floods of tears – I couldn’t make out what she was saying in between the snuffles, and I was really worried, cos she was just sooooo upset, so I went and got Jenny to translate and find out what happened (I honestly thought someone must have died!). It turns out that with our new schedule, she had somehow gotten missed off the list for the bus driver, so she had waited and waited and no one came for her, so she had to walk all the way here!! She was so upset about being forgotten, bless her!!
We assured her it wouldn’t happen again though, so she’s alright now!
Thats’ about it really – we’ve been doing some early morning publicity for the school recently – we have to show up at the local elementary schools during their orientation and hand out free book bags and flyers – very shameless plugging, but I guess at least its hands-on advertising!! Very pro-active!! Poor old Jenny has had to come up with loads of recruitment ideas since she became director, but I think its working – we’ve certainly got some new kids showing up for class!
Anway, here’s to a smell-free flat!
take it easy guys,
love pro-active toilet-scrubbing Maya

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