Me and Johnny…

 Tuesday 6 September 2005

Hi guys,

Am overdue for an update, but I’m afraid life has been fairly mundane recently, so there really isn’t much to report!

Betty, one of our Korean teachers has been ill, so we’ve all had extra classes to cover, and then there’s exams, and marking and all sorts of boring stuff like that – although Cal did have another classic moment last week! He’d watched me trying to make and photocopy all of my exams for the kids all week, and I’d ranted and raved because our ancient photocopier breaks down every fifth copy, which requires the receptionist to call out the repair guy etc. Anyway, after a week of me going “The fucking photocopier’s buggered again!!!!” I had finally got all my exams done in the nick of time, and when exam day rolls around, I strolled casually into the office to find Cal going “You won’t believe the bloody photocopier’s broken!!! I can’t get my exams done!!” Hmmm, well Cal, actually I’ve done all mine, so good luck with that!!

God I love being smug!

It all got sorted in the end though of course, and poor Olive our receptionist had to copy all of Cal’s exams and got covered in toner in the process!!

Lots of you have been asking about my love life over here – I’m afraid it has been fairly non-existent, not much going on there, but I am happy to report that my imaginary affair with Johnny Depp is going very well indeed!! Mmmmmmmmmmm……..

Well, anyway, moving on! I’m proud to announce that thanks to my hapkido efforts, I have lost an astounding 4 pounds!!!!! I was very excited to discover that I fit into my ‘skinny’ jeans, at least I was until I realised that they were just my regular jeans before I came to Korea and got a bit chubby!!!

Ah well, what can you do?

I have also found this unbelivably gorgeous dress that I am planning to buy as soon as I get paid on Saturday, so pictures will follow I promise!!

That’s about it for the moment I’m afraid – an incredibly slow news month, but I’m sure something exciting will happen soon no doubt!!

As a matter of fact I have been on some incredibly interesting buses recently. Most Korean bus drivers, from what I can make out, either trained as Formula One drivers, or else they just dream about being F1 drivers all day to avoid facing the reality that they are, in fact, bus drivers. However, they seem to frequently lose themselves in daydreams of racing around the track (let’s face it, they’re not really that different – they both drive around the same circuit all day!! Granted the bus drivers have a few more passengers than your average F1 driver, but in Korea, that doesn’t seem to slow them down much!!)

I’ve been on buses that have whizzed through red lights, zoomed round corners, and thrown the poor standing passengers all over the place. I was even lucky enough to be on one bus that couldn’t wait for the car in front to pull out onto a main road, so the driver just pulled up onto the curb, drove around the car and bumped back down onto the road, narrowly missing the poor bugger in front waiting for the lights to change!!

I just hope that occasionally they come back down to earth from the F1 fantasy long enough to remember where they are and what they’re doing!

Oh, and I have to mention a little thing about Korean men, because there are so many hotties over here, all buff and toned and yummy, BUT THEY’RE ALL FIFTEEN!!

It really shouldn’t be allowed – I mean, guys that look 25 and gorgeous should be 25! I think someone should make that a law…

But enough about me, how are you all doing over there?

Hope its all going well, (as you can see I have once again made a relatively boring email into a mammoth saga with my exceptional flair for the dramatic!!)

So, tell me all your news for a change!!

tons of love




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