Back in the desert…

Thursday 8th March 2007

Hello there everyone,
well, I’ve had half term, which was fantastic. Betty and Bryn and I went to Bahrain for a week to stay with our friend Leila. We drank an obscene amount, ate more bacon than we could imagine possible, laughed a lot, Betty and I did a couple of cultural things and basically just relaxed.

Massively over-excited about gin and tonics!

Blind basket-weavers

Some more ruins

Over-excitement at meeting the lead singer of the worst band in the world!

Since coming back, we had a very hectic four days getting ready for our concert, but then the performance went well and it’s all over now, thank god! I’ve also added some pics of the concert, feel free to admire the giant snowman and dancing clocks (all my handiwork!!)

The concert

Admire my giant snowman and dancing clocks!

Me at the back of the hall reminding the kid of all the dance moves!

On the upside, Bryn and I made an incredible discovery on Monday. We were in the city at our favourite Thai grocery shop, stocking up on curry paste etc, and we found, deep in the depths of their freezer a slab of frozen meat. We asked the guy what it was, and he said
…. meat”
“…puh meat”
“PUK meat!”
“Oh my god!! Pork???”

Turns out, he knows a guy, who knows a guy, etc, and has a sercret stash of pork in the bottom of his freezer!! It was totally awesome, and we celebrated by having bacon sarnies for dinner!

Not much else to report at the mo, I’m still fundraising, so if you know anyone who would be interested in donating (friends or relatives) please pass on my information to them too.

I hope you’re all well and happy
lots of love

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