Get ready!!!

Sunday 14th May 2006
Ladies and gentlemen,
I, Maya, will be coming home in just over a month!!!
I’m very excited and can’t wait to see all you lovely people and catch up properly!
I still don’t know my exact dates yet, as the school had to book all the staff onto three different group flights, which i think are on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June, but they won’t tell me which one I’m on yet!!!
However, I will be home on one of those days, and will be based in sunny Suffolk once again for about two months, until roughly 22nd of August when I will be flying back to Kuwait for the next school year.
I will try my best to make a trip up to St Andrews, via Edinburgh to visit some people and I’ll definitely make at least one trip to London to see everyone there, as well as hopefully a trip down to Scilly.
And, of course there will be at least one legendary party to plan and have and clean up before I disappear again!
That’s about it from me – just get ready for some fun, cos I can’t wait to see everybody!!!!
love Maya

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