Tindog Tacloban!

January 2014

Some more photos from Tacloban – this time from my second trip back there after xmas…

Not what one wants to see while sitting on the plane waiting to take off – 5 blokes looking extremely puzzled while a 6th one fiddles about under the wing with a screwdriver….



Tindog Tacloban means “Rise up Tacloban” in Waray…


A rather fabulous Christmas tree made of recycled/found junk…


More jeepneys cos I love them

P1110591 P1110589

A very bright rainbow outside our office


Another day, another rice seed distribution….

P1110599 P1110600 P1110617

This house has no roof, but on closer inspection…


There are some nice clean shirts hanging neatly in the wardrobe!


Inspecting our rice seeds and checking the germination rates…

P1110810 P1110812

Checking out the rice seeds stored at another agency’s warehouse


A very wet day for distribution in Javier….


But luckily my team were prepared to get really wet!


LOVING the umbrella hat – I MUST get one immediately!


P1110829 P1110830

Busy counting up vouchers in the car….


This awesome woman’s t-shirt:

Ben t-shirt

My fish ruler, which frankly I love a little bit too much…



Local restaurant in Tacloban using one of the standard jerry cans for drinking water behind the bar (not sure if that is one of ours, or UNICEF’s though….)


Checking in at Tacloban Airport

P1110836 P1110837

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