More of Eastern Samar…

Sunset over the UN Hub


Some pics of community members clearing fallen coconut trees as part of a cash-for-work scheme, which will clear the land ready for crop planting, and also reclaim the good trunks that can be processed into lumber for house rebuilding.

P1120289 P1120290 P1120286

P1120298 P1120301 P1120303 P1120305 P1120310 P1120315 P1120321 P1120323

P1120331 P1120334 P1120348 P1120360 P1120368 P1120377 P1120383

This church had the most amazing bells made out of old oxygen tanks!

P1120388 P1120389

Amazing colours at sunset


My afternoon as a judge on the Radyo Bakdaw Karaoke competition!

P1120413 P1120414 P1120418 P1120428 P1120436 P1120446 P1120454

P1120462 P1120468 P1120475 P1120461 P1120455


Very impressed with the UN driver’s lounge!

P1120481 P1120482 P1120484 P1120486


The “Freedom Wall” at Mary Lou’s Bar – we started a bit of a trend there….


P1120504 P1120503

The fabulous Justice Bus….


The San Juanico bridge – one of the longest bridges in South East Asia, connecting Samar island with Leyte island.

P1120526 P1120535 P1120541

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