Christmas in Phuket

Suitcase literally filled with presents!


Some friends pop by for some pre-Christmas drinks and mince pies.


My first thai curry on arrival at the airport. Tom Yum Goong – YUM!


My gorgeous nephews under the frangipani tree with all the presents on Christmas morning!

IMG_6481 IMG_6487

Christmas day on the beach – pretty sweet!

IMG_6501 IMG_6503 IMG_6504

Buried in the sand, obviously.

IMG_6514 IMG_6516 IMG_6517

The pool at our apartment complex

IMG_6522 IMG_6532

Rocking my beach hair!

IMG_6536 IMG_6538

Bit of Football Golf

IMG_6552 IMG_6562 IMG_6563

Gorgeous sunset from the viewpoint

IMG_6565 IMG_6566

IMG_6573 IMG_6576 IMG_6579

A fun little trip to the Phuket Bird Park

This one’s a hornbill…


But sadly these flamingoes are not real…

IMG_6612 IMG_6615

This crocodile is real, and also scary.

IMG_6616 IMG_6617

But this crocodile is not real – only pretend


Playing with the birds!

IMG_6632 IMG_6647

IMG_6649 IMG_6660 IMG_6668 IMG_6663 IMG_6678

Me and the birds!


IMG_6690 IMG_6691 IMG_6693 IMG_6695

And then it was time for the bird show! Trained parrots and ting!

IMG_6696 IMG_6697 IMG_6700

O.M.G. Parrots racing  bicycles suspended on high wires – is there anything more awesome?

IMG_6706 IMG_6717 IMG_6718

The parrots race to recycle the cans



IMG_6727 IMG_6728

And then some trained otters put the trash in the bins too!

IMG_6736 IMG_6738 IMG_6739

And then dancing otters happened!

IMG_6745 IMG_6749 IMG_6750 IMG_6753 IMG_6754 IMG_6755

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