All the places I’ve been

In a recent conversation with my dad, I realised that in his 70+ years, he has travelled to a huge number of countries, (34 and counting!) so I thought it was worth listing all of mine out too to see how we compare!

My dad also pointed out that the majority of his travelling happened in his 20’s and 30’s, as like most people, once you settle down and have kids you tend to travel less often, so here is our combined list: 

  Maya Dad
1 Australia Australia
2 Bahrain Austria
3 Cambodia Cambodia
4 Canada Chile
5 Canary Islands/Tenerife China
6 Ethiopia Denmark
7 France East Germany
8 Germany France
9 Greece Holland
10 Hong Kong Hong Kong
11 India India
12 Iraq Indonesia
13 Ireland Ireland
14 Jordan Italy
15 Kashmir Japan
16 Kenya Kenya
17 Kuwait Macau
16 Lebanon Malaysia
18 Malaysia Monaco
19 Mexico Mozambique
20 Nepal New Caledonia
21 Netherlands New Zealand
22 New Zealand Northern Ireland
23 Philippines Portugal
24 Qatar Puerto Rico
25 Senegal Rhodesia
26 Singapore Singapore
27 South Korea South Africa
28 South Sudan Spain
29 Spain Switzerland
30 Sri Lanka Tanzania
31 Switzerland Thailand
32 Thailand UK
34 UAE (United Arab Emirates) West Germany
35 USA  
36 Vietnam

At first I thought Dad was in the lead, but then looking at his list reminded me of a few places I’d forgotten I’d been to, and I’m amazed to realise I’ve been to 36 countries already!

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