After one night in Cienfuegos, we headed to Trinidad, which was also awesome!

Walking around town

Stopping for a little lunch

This lovely little guy joined us for lunch. We named him George.

Sunset at the viewpoint with a Piña Colada

And after sunset, a little salsa dancing!

The next day, CeeCee and I went on a day trip via a Catamaran to Cayo Blanco, a quiet little island, with Iguanas and snorkelling and all-you-can-drink-rum… Perfection.

Our Catamaran in the morning ready to set sail.

Cayo Blanco

Snorkelling in the actual ocean with actual fish and everything!

Massive Iguanas!!!! All over the place!!! They were amazing!!

Hermit crabs!

And after a long day at the beach, time for Daiquiris at Floridita with a statue of Hem.

CeeCee and Hem

Giving Hem the old side-eye…

Tiny dogs of Trinidad

Man with pig. Pig with giant balls.

Glorious Caribbean sunset

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