Christmas joy

Thursday 23rd December 2004
Hello everyone,
I have had a fun few days and am well and truly ready for Christmas now.
I decided this week that our school was far too un-Christmassy (we only had a pathetic little tree in the foyer), so I set the children to work!
We’ve spent the last few days in class coloring pictures of santa and xmas trees and sticking them up all over the walls. Then I broke out the glue and scissors and taught them all how to make paper chains!
It was awesome, the kids loved it, and they took to it incredibly well. After two days we had enough paper chains to decorate all the classrooms and the hallway too!! (God isn’t child labour amazing?).
We also had “Santa” come to visit the kids! Here are some pics:

The kids meet Santa!

One of the girls isn’t too sure about Santa, and needs a closer look!

Me and Santa

So now the whole school is looking far more cheerful and I’m ready for some serious holiday fun now.
Also, we had a kinder field trip to the Korean folk village today that was sooo cool!!
We watched a traditional harvest dance with drums and stuff, and then we got to go on the carosel with the pretty horses that go up and down!! (sorry, spending too much time with 6 year olds).
Then we had lunch and went sledding!! It hasn’t actually snowed yet here, although it’s damn cold, but they have a snow machine on a hill, and we all got to have a go.
I haven’t been sledding since I was 14, and it was just so much fun!!
After that me and Jenny had to leave cos we had afternoon classes, and the kinder kids were staying to make some traditional rice cakes or something, but we spent all afternoon making Christmas cards, so it was hardly work!
Anyway, it’s Christmas eve tomorrow, so I’m going out for some drinks with my friends, and then staying overnight at Penny’s house. Then on Saturday we’re going up to Seoul to a posh hotel for Christmas lunch (some Australian guy who I haven’t met is organising it for a load of foreigners), and then I’m going to the airport to see my mum for a couple of hours (yay!! presents!!). For those of you that don’t know, my mum is stopping off in Seoul for a few hours on her way to Australia.
After that me and Penny are going back to her house to drink wine and watch videos.
Altogether a pretty good xmas, I think!!!
So, I’ll let you guys know how it went, but I hope you all have a very jolly christmas full of chocolate and turkey and presents and lots of love!!!
merry crimble!!
love jolly Maya

Santa, aka Cal, with Jenny. Joanna, and Betty

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