Soju Daze…

Tuesday 28th December 2004
Hey Hey people,
Christmas was wondeful, I had a lovely time, ate fantastic food at a ridiculously classy restaurant, saw mum, got tons of great pressies etc. On Sunday Penny and I went to see Bridget Jones 2, which was awesome.
Monday was back to work as usual, but our end of term staff do got moved – it was supposed to be on Wednesday, but Joanna couldn’t make it, so at the last minute we decided to have it last night instead. The big boss, Mr Kim is moving house, so he couldn’t make it, but he insisted on bankrolling our night out anyway!!!
We went out for dinner and drank a lot of sansachun (rice wine), then hit the Nori Bang for some karaoke fun!! More beers, Bon Jovi and a couple of A-Ha’s later and ‘take me on’, we hit the bar across the road. Soju cocktails followed (remind me never to mix my drinks again!) and lots of deep meaningful chats involving cultural differences etc. The others left at about 1.30, but Cal and I stayed for a last drink or three. Things got a little fuzzy after that, but I seem to remember a long discussion about darwinism, evolution, and whether or not dogs have orgasms….
As we rolled out of the bar and staggered home, it occured to me that I may have imbibed a little more than I should have. I got home around 2.30, and realised I was so pissed I couldn’t sleep, so I made a couple of very drunken phone calls (sorry if any of you were the recipients!) and then tried to watch a bit of telly until the room stopped spinning. I passed out around 4ish, and then rolled over at 9.30 and fell off the couch!!
It took me a while to figure out that my brain wasn’t in fact wrapped in sandpaper, and then a further 20 minutes to try and remember who I was, where I was, and whether or not I was supposed to be anywhere, like work, for example. Eventually, the thumping in my head turned into a pounding, and I remembered that our kinder holiday started today (which was why we had been able to go out last night), and I didn’t actually have to go to work until 2.30. So, I crawled across the room and fell into my bed for another couple hours!
Managed to get to work this afternoon and have just about recovered from my hangover, but my god was it a killer!!!
So, basically everything’s good, although I’m not sure I’ll have recovered by New Year!! Hope you’re all having good holidays and drinking far more than you should!!
love and drunken ramblings

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