Fun and games at the office…

Tuesday 1st February 2005
Time for another installment!
Well, we’ve had huge dramas at school over the last few weeks, and I can’t remember if I’ve said any of this before, so I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself!
Basically, Jenny, one of the Korean teachers, who’s really lovely and works her arse off here, has been getting screwed over by Julie, our director. They’ve been having tons of big fights lately (all in Korean, so I have no idea what’s being said), but it turns out that Julie had a meeting with Mr Kim, the big boss, a few weeks ago, and told him that Jenny does fuck-all work and then Julie handed over to Mr Kim the new kinder schedule, which I have watched Jenny working on for weeks, and claimed that it was all her work etc. Jenny nearly got fired over that drama, but luckily it turned out in an amazing twist of events that Jenny is Mr Kim’s cousin (actually he is her mum’s cousin) but he had asked her to come and work here to find out why the school’s going so downhill. So, Jenny’s actually been here kind-of undercover (the other teachers didn’t know she was related to Mr Kim), and she’s such a sweetie!! (she gives me the inside scoop once in a while when we go out for drinks).
There’s a few other unrelated random things about Olive, our receptionist, – she does all the finances at the school, and apparently there are a few holes that are un-accounted for. There’s also a rumor going around that Olive’s having an affair with Mr Kim, even though they’re both married, but whether or not that’s true, she certainly has some kind of weird association with him. Olive has Mr Kim’s private line, and apparently calls him regularly to keep him informed about what goes on in the school.
All very big brother and creepy!! Anyway, we’ve now had our kinder program completely shut down as of March, because we didn’t enrol enough kids for next term (the economy’s really bad over here right now too, so a lot of people are cutting back on extras like English classes etc). So, two of our kinder teachers are out of work, and I just found out last week that apparently Julie has been given her notice, and as of March when our new term starts, Jenny has been appointed as the new director. So, things are looking up, but there’s a pretty heavy atmosphere at work, cos Julie’s still acting director until the kinder break at the end of February.
Anyway, in other news, I went to Seoul last Saturday, and saw Sting in concert!! He was awesome – and he has seriously gotten better looking with age!! I can’t say I ever liked him much when he was younger, but he ages very well!!
So, I’m now getting ready for my holiday – I’m off this Saturday with Penny to Vietnam and Cambodia for a week, so the next email is bound to be huge – prepare yourselves folks…
that’s it for now, hope you’re all well,
love Maya
p.s. – a little funny story for you – I was high-fiving the kids in my kinder class as they were leaving for lunch, but they’re only six, so my hands were pretty low down. Just as one kid, Tommy was throwing his whole body weight into his high-five, another kid grabbed my hands and pulled them down. Tommy slammed his full weight and both hands striaght into my boobs, and as I doubled over the kids all screamed with laughter, and have now started punching me in the boobs to say hello!

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