The rain, oh the rain

Friday 1st July 2005
Well monsoon has begun, and it’s hot and wet. Really hot and really wet.
The heat has intensified the rotting garbage/backed up sewage aroma out in the street, and the heavy, dense, wet, hot, permanent fog has gone a nasty dirty polluted grey, like having your head wrapped in hot dirty wet cotton wool as you walk down the street.
In fact, when you throw in the nasty smell, leaving my apartment is very much like walking out of a door straight into a hot sweaty arse.
Mmmm, pleasant.
Anyhow, I shot bolt upright in bed last night when a bomb went off and the building shook, and as I regained full alertness and waited for the house to fall down, I realised that there was a big fuck-off thunderstorm going on, and in fact, no bomb. It was quite seriously the loudest thunder crack I have ever heard in my life, and apparently the storm was localised over my bedroom!
I also had an epic battle last week when a cockroach walked across my living room floor. It was intense; there were high points, and low points, a lot of girly screaming and climbing on the couch, but after a long and arduous offensive manouver, i was able to suffocate it to death with mozzie spray, (and nearly choked on the fumes in the process). I have since heard a number of scary things from my co-workers regarding the cockroach issue, such as “if you’ve seen one, then you probably have hundreds you cant see” (James), “the spray doesn’t kill it, just knocks it unconscious for a few hours, so it’ll probably crawl out of your trash can in a few hours” (Betty), and “don’t stamp on it cos all the babies will spill out and multiply everywhere” (Sarah).
I’m not sure how much of this I believe, but I can clearly no longer sleep, and I also apparently have a rather severe phobia of cockroaches (who knew?)
Thankfully, I have not seen any repeat offenders, and I’ve stocked up on every possible type of roach killer available. (Am also having to clean my apartment EVERY DAY!!!) Oh the horror!
The teaching lark is going pretty well, kids are being well-behaved (ish), and everybody seems pretty happy (Cal is still a bit of an arse, but only very occasionally now, so it’s not so bad).
We’re in the middle of planning a big camping trip for the end of July, which is really fun and exciting, but there’s a very high chance it will be raining a lot, so that is gonna be interesting!!
My Hapkido class is going well too, I can bring a man to his knees effortlessly in at least five different ways (which is fun), and I am developing muscles in all sorts of weird places, like my upper arms and my thighs!! How peculiar!
Thats about it for now, hope you’re all having a super-duper summer and stuff,
tons of love
“walks through a sweaty arse to get to work” Maya
p.s. – I had the craziest dream the other night – I got made a minister (for no apparent reason), and we all went to the House of Commons (or Lords – which one is the big green room where they shout a lot?) to get told what we were going to be ministers of. All the good ones were already taken (you know, like minister of agriculture and stuff), so they told me, because of my apparent passion for keeping the environment clean (??) I was going to be the Minister in charge of making sure there was enough soap in ladies bathrooms – across the country!
How bizarre is that?
hee hee!

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