Camping and Puking…

Monday, 25 July 2005
Hey guys,
I know I’m fairly overdue for an email, but things have been super-busy at school over the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t had much time to stop and write.
On Friday we took 78 kids and eight members of staff  to the Korean Folk Village for a two day camping trip. It was 35 degrees outside, and we very swiftly discovered that there are no drinking fountains there, just kiosks where you can buy a small water bottle for an extortionate amount!
We managed to collect a bunch of juice bottles from the kids’ lunchboxes and find a tap to keep filling them up, but it was a bit touch and go for a while!
Anyhow, we had a really great time, despite the fact that I’ve never sweated that much in my entire life, and we got to do loads of fun stuff like dye our own hankies with natural dyes, make pottery, do archery, go swimming (thank god!!), and make straw ropes and stuff.
We had a campfire in the evening and a dance competition etc.
It was a very long couple of days – Friday we started at 8.30am and finally got the kids to bed around midnight, (staff got to bed around 1am), and then we woke up around 6.30 on Saturday, cos the kids were kicking cans around outside our window!! By the time we left the folk village everyone was exhausted and very very hot, and five minutes after the bus pulled out, everyone was fast asleep!!
We got back to school around 5pm, and I was so knackered I barely remember walking home – there was one staircase that took me about 6 years to climb up, and apparently I went shopping on the way home, cos I got back to my house and discovered I was carrying a cabbage and a can of spam!!
Anyhow, Sunday was fairly quiet, my friend Suzie and I went to a nice greek resturant for dinner, and I went to bed early. At midnight I woke up and was very very violently ill, and continued to throw up until 8.30 this morning. I got literally no sleep, and had to curl up on the floor cos I was being so ill, I couldn’t risk being in my bed. The doctor gave me a shot in my ass (!!) to help with the puking, and tons of medicine, but I have to take the medicine after food, which is completely stupid, because after throwing up for over eight hours, I really can’t eat anything at all!!!
Had the day off work to recover and sleep, and I’m hoping with any luck I’ll be better tomorrow (the doc said it could be food poisoning or a bug I caught off one of the kids).
Anyhow, that’s about it for now, except that I’m really pissed off with the Korean teachers at school right now, but that’s a really long story that I can’t be fucked to go into just now (basically they’re morons and I’m great!)
Hope you’re all well,
pukey-Mcpuke Maya

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